Pastoral Care


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Our St. Luke Family of Caring affiliates believe in caring for the whole person: physical, emotional and spiritual. We know that religion is an important part of many people’s lives. Our Pastoral Care Coordinator works with each resident to ensure their spiritual needs are being met through personal counsel and by offering to reach out to their former church affiliation.

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Meet our Patoral Care Coordinator Rev. Ana! Reverend Ana Rivera-Georgescu, an ordained Episcopalian Minister, has a vested interest in each resident’s spiritual and physical well-being, no matter one’s denomination or faith. 

We coordinate weekly worship, prayer and study opportunities across many denominations at all three residences on our healthcare campus. We also offer visitation and spiritual support for residents and their families through life’s transitions by either contacting a priest/pastor/spiritual advisor in their community or having pastoral care meet those needs, depending on the preference of each resident/family.  We respect and support people of all faiths.

Pastoral Care can help people discover and engage their own spiritual resources and is prepared to minister to people of all faith traditions and nontraditional spiritual practices. We seek to uphold the dignity of every individual and provide for religious and spiritual needs of all those in our care.

Our Pastoral Care Coordinator is available to provide spiritual comfort and support for you and your family in times of crisis through compassionate presence, prayer, and confidential counsel. We can offer assistance for you and your family to cope with serious illness and end-of-life issues.

We invite you to call upon our Pastoral Care Coordinator, whether or not you follow a specific religious tradition.