Thanks to a new program at Bishop's Commons and in cooperation with the Oswego City School District, it was the “first day of school” recently for some residents who have enrolled in a “Local Oswego History” class at the Oswego High School!

Back To School For BC Residents1 9 23As part of the intergenerational experience that will span two semesters in the current school calendar, High School students will engage Bishop’s Commons residents around particular topics and “record” their thoughts and impressions of various events as part of a “living history” initiative that will preserve their experiences for use in future instructional opportunities with high school students. Through this, students will offer hands-on instruction of the use of various social media or other technologies to Bishop’s Commons residents as a learning opportunity.

Back To School For BC Residents5 9 23Residents will be making a weekly trek to attend class at OHS, and besides class work the learning experience includes guest speakers and the occassional field trips for both high school students and Bishop’s Commons residents, who will visit some of the locations in the area they will be learning about in the classroom.     

Back To School For BC Residents3 9 23On the first day for residents, the new students met the principals, the SRO’s, Mr. Heckathorn (their teacher), and most of all —their classmates. They even dug out of the archives their old yearbooks from their graduating year.

Participants are excited to continue the intergenerational experience and look forward to learning from each other!  

This program is made possible through grant funding from the Health Foundation for Western & Central New York ( @hfwcny, in partnership with The New York Academy of Medicine ( @nyamnyc, as one of 18 grantee partnerships through their Age-friendly: Go Local program! Go Local supports neighborhood-level groups and organizations in building equitable communities through locally focused healthy-projects.