CAPABLE - Community Aging in Place—Advancing Better Living for Elders is a client-directed, home-based intervention to increase mobility, function, and capacity. A unique evidence-based program developed by the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, CAPABLE helps older adults maximize their strengths and resources to safely live home.

A registered nurse and occupational therapist help identify each adult’s self-care goals—which can decrease hospitalization and healthcare costs.

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To address these goals, CAPABLE evaluates both the home environment, as well as the individual strengths and resources that each adult has available to them to improve safety and independence. Among the positive outcomes are reduced disability, depression, lack of mobility, and feelings of isolation.


CAPABLE involves:

  • Up to 6 home visits from an Occupational Therapist
  • Up 4 home visits from a Registered Nurse
  • Handyman/woman visits for minor home repairs, modifications, and assistive devices (ex. Shower bars, hand rails, better lighting)

Each visit builds on the one before, increasing capacity and ability to function at home. CAPABLE focuses on improving medication management, problem-solving ability, strength, balance, mobility, nutrition and home safety, while decreasing disability, isolation, depression and fall risk.


  • Older Adult living in their own home or apartment
  • May have had a recent inpatient or outpatient encounter at a hospital
  • Have some difficulty with any Activities of Daily Living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, walking across a small room
  • Able to participate in goal setting and follow-through with activities
  • Not receiving active cancer treatment
  • Not terminally ill
  • English speaking

If applicable, CAPABLE starts after home health services have ended.

CAPABLE Is Unique!

You direct what you want to accomplish using an action plan you develop, with our help. To improve safety in the home environment the Participant and Occupational Therapist will determine the scope of any minor home repair, modifications and assistive devices (ex. shower bars, hand rails, better lighting, etc.) – as part of a plan that will improve independence and self-sufficiency. The Handyman/woman will complete only those minor repairs you and the Occupational Therapist have identified. 

How to enroll in The St. Luke CAPABLE Program

Questions? Are you ready to enroll in the St. Luke CAPABLE Program?

Please contact:  Jim Marsh, RN - Program Coordinator

Phone: 315-342-3166, extension 1241 

*** This program is free of charge to the program participant.

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Community Aging in Place— Advancing Better Living for Elders is an evidnce-based program developed by the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. St. Luke Health Services is a licensed CAPABLE Program provider.

Picture1This program is made possible in part through funding from The Mother Cabrini Health Foundation.