Hannibal High School student Avery Michaud decided earlier this year that she was going to do something to both honor her great-grandmother and thank those that helped care for her. 

"I started collecting socks in late October and finished a few weeks ago. I was able to collect donated socks at Hannibal High School, where I am freshman, and at The Hair Hut in Fulton," said Michaud.

"I collected socks as I felt I needed to do something to give back to St. Luke's. As I got older and heard more stories of my great-grandmother and the great care she received at St. Luke's, I knew that I needed to do something generous for people on the St. Luke healthcare campus in honor of my great-grandmother."

Avery Mitchell Sock Project Bishops Commons 12 18

Pictured is Karen Murray (left) and Cheryl Cullinan (right) as they accept a donation of socks for residents from Avery Michaud. Michaud started a project earlier this year to collect donated socks to share with residents across the St. Luke healthcare campus, in honor of her great-grandmother who received care at St. Luke.

During her holiday break from school Michaud visited Bishop's Commons at St. Luke and presented some of the donated socks she collected to residents there.

"This is a wonderful project by Avery and is much appreciated by all those on our healthcare campus who will benefit from her act of generosity," said Karen Murray, Bishop's Commons Executive Director, who along with Cheryl Cullinan, Director of Activities accepted the socks.

Michaud added, "I am very happy with the level of support I received, and I hope that many residents are happy to have a new pair of cozy warm socks for this holiday season!"

Thank you Avery for showing everyone the true spirit of the holiday season.