Our new courtyards here at St. Francis Commons have really come into shape. Completed last fall, the courtyards were a part of the“My Backyard” project, made possible by a $298,000 dollar grant from the New York State Department of Health - Special Needs Assisted Living Capital Improvements program. 

The project included renovations to the outdoor area around the residence including the installation of new walking paths incorporating plants, planters, a garden, and other opportunities for engagement. New monitoring technologies providing an added safety feature were also installed.

Helping Keep The COurtyard Blooming SFC 8 2018One of the reasons the courtyards are looking great is all the help we receive from residents like Harold Wallace, seen here helping to care for the plants. Whether gardening is a new hobby or something enjoyed for a long time, our courtyards offer everyone the opportunity to take part in activities that keep their residence looking great!

Thanks everyone who help to make our new courtyards a really attractive space for residents and visitors alike!