September is National Preparedness Month and staff at St. Luke Health Services, St. Francis Commons and Bishop’s Commons recently completed emergency and safety training exercises across their healthcare campus. Russell Phillips & Associates, a Rochester, N.Y. - based consulting firm with expertise in fire and disaster preparation and response provided the training.

The instructional curriculum for staff consisted of fire suppression and evacuation techniques, effective disaster response and a review of procedures for addressing potential emergencies, like loss of power. Some of the exercises conducted were “hands-on” drills for staff, including fire suppression, bed evacuations and building evacuations.

"The safety of our residents and staff is our most important priority at each residence on our healthcare campus," said Greg Osetek, Director of Community Relations. "In light of the weather event taking place with hurricane Florence, this training is certainly timely. Our staff emergency preparedness training includes situations that we hope never to encounter, but that we regularly practice and prepare for. Ultimately, we believe our residents and their families appreciate our diligence as an organization in working to ensure our staff are prepared for emergency situations.”

St Luke Russell Phillips Fire and Safety Preparedness Training Septmeber 2018Pictured is Bishop’s Commons Dietary staff member Michelle Harter (standing); as she practices extinguishing a controlled “lap fire” with Fire and Emergency Management Consultant Chris Wood (seated), from Russell Phillips & Associates. The exercise was a part of an emergency preparedness and safety-training program conducted regularly with staff at all three residences

The training is just one component of staff education and exercises that takes place year-round as part of the health care providers’ effort to maintain a safe environment and prepare for any adverse circumstance or emergency. Later this month, St. Luke affiliates and other area healthcare providers will take part in a regional mutual aid disaster exercise designed to engage resources from across Central New York in the event a large-scale evacuation is ever required.