In the eleven months since St. Luke and other nursing homes and adult care facilities were ordered to close their doors to all non-emergency visitors, keeping families connected with residents, and responding to questions from family members has been the focus of the St. Luke Employees Lending Families Support (ELFS) program.

St. Luke ELVES Helping Our Families Through This Pandemic 2 21

Staff who volunteer in the St. Luke ELFS program have been helping families stay in contact throughout the pandemic.

Made-up of staff volunteers representing many departments across the organization, ELFS volunteers offer families and residents extra help during these challenging times. “We understand how incredibly difficult this whole experience has been for our residents and our families,” said Donna Benway, Executive Assistant, who manages the program. “We have been living in a world that is almost completely opposite of how we operated prior to COVID. We pride ourselves on being an inviting, welcoming place for residents and families. We work tirelessly to keep them engaged and connected by using other methods of communication that we have had to adopt.”

ELFS respond to phone calls from families of residents who may just be looking for an update on the health and wellbeing of their loved one. ELFS can be found assisting residents with phone conversations, delivering packages, gifts, and messages from their loved ones. ELFS can also connect families with another staff member or department.

ELFS are available seven days a week. Each family has a dedicated ELF who is here to help them. If you are a family member with a question or concern please call us at 315-342-3166 and you can be sure one of our ELFS will be in touch!