Sandra Ford, Nurse Practitioner at St. Luke Health Services in Oswego has received the 2019 “Professional of the Year” Award from LeadingAge New York. 

The Professional of the Year Award honors the contributions of a professional, working in the aging field, toward the well-being of the elderly or chronically ill in his or her community. The award nomination is open to any long-term care, housing and services professional from across the spectrum of care who demonstrates civic involvement as well as professional dedication, accomplishment and field expertise.

Board Chairman Michael N. Rosenblut presented Ford with the award during a special ceremony as part of LeadingAge NY’s recent Annual Conference and Exposition in Saratoga Springs.

In her acceptance, Ms. Ford thanked colleagues and friends who joined her at the ceremony, and acknowledged the many individuals with whom she has worked, and who have made a positive impact during her nearly four decade career in healthcare, with a special acknowledgement to the late Dr. David O’Brien MD, former Medical Director at St. Luke.  

SFord LeadingAGeNY Professional of the Year 2019

Pictured (left to right) is St. Luke Health Services CEO and Administrator Terrence Gorman with St. Luke Nurse Practitioner Sandra Ford, Recipient of the 2019 LeadingAge New York Professional of the Year Award, during the presentation of her award at a recent ceremony held in Saratoga Springs.

Terrence Gorman, Chief Executive Office of St. Luke and affiliated partners noted that there is no one more deserving of this statewide recognition than Ford. “It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with Sandy and to watch as her career has developed. Her colleagues have found her leadership, dedication and professionalism to be inspirational, and Sandy had been a mentor to many. Those we serve are extremely fortunate to have the benefit of her compassionate care and her strong voice as their advocate in our community.” 

Ford has been with St. Luke Health Services since 1989, first as a Registered Nurse before becoming a licensed Nurse Practitioner in 1992.

Dr. Renante Ignacio, Medical Director at St. Luke congratulated Ford on this recognition, observing that, “Sandy is the epitome of dedication and commitment in the healthcare field. She has always demonstrated the ability to rise above the challenges that come her way, maintaining her grace and integrity while under pressure. This award, which she truly and fully deserves, will be a living testimony to her excellence not just as a medical provider, but as a person.”

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