Five ticket holders in this year’s “Bundle of Bucks” Charity Raffle will be all smiles when they learn that their number was picked as part of a special “Early Bird” drawing.

Everyone who purchased a St. Luke “Bundle of Bucks” Charity Raffle tickets on or before Valentine’s Day, February 14 had their ticket number entered in a drawing to be among five to win $100 dollars each.  

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St. Luke Health Services resident Pat Jackson is seen drawing one of the five winning ticket numbers in this year’s Bundle of Bucks “Early Bird” drawing. The five “Early Bird” winning ticket numbers she picked are 240; 154; 856; 803 and 407.

The five winning ticket numbers in the “Early Bird” drawing as picked by St. Luke Health Services resident Pat Jackson are 240; 154; 856; 803 and 407. Congratulations to our five “Early Bird” winners!

Their ticket numbers, along with all others purchased before the big raffle drawing on May 13th will be entered in the “Bundle of Bucks” featuring a prize pot totaling up to $25,000 dollars, including a $10,000 grand prize payout to a lucky winner.

To purchase you raffle tickets download an entry form here or call 315-342-3166 and request yours be mailed to you. The entry fee for this year’s charity raffle is still $50 dollars per ticket; only one thousand tickets will be sold. Every ticket entered is eligible for all fifteen of the raffle cash prize drawings. Tickets can be purchased individually or consider purchasing a “group ticket” with family members, co-workers or friends. You must be 18 years or older to participate.

 Proceeds from our “Bundle of Bucks” Charity Raffle enables our not-for-profit affiliated healthcare organizations St. Luke Health Services, Bishop’s Commons Enriched Housing Residence and St. Francis Commons Assisted Living Residence to provide activities, events and outings that keep those served connected and engaged in their community.