Who would have thought that paper products, or things like dish detergent and bread would ever be considered "hard to get" commodities? In this challenging time, St. Luke Health Services, Bishop’s Commons and St. Francis Commons are doing things to help make life a little less stressful for employees.

St Luke Helping Staff During Tough Times B 3 23

Staff Commissaries are stocked with items that help make a challenging time easier for our staff.

All three St. Luke Family of Caring residences, are giving staff a helping hand –starting with free meals which are made available to all staff throughout the day or night. Staff can stop in at their cafeteria or dining rooms to grab hot meals, sandwiches, salads or snacks.    

Each residence has opened a Staff Commissary where staff have been able to easily acquire those “hard to get” items like toilet paper, dish soap, etc. understanding that for some, having a chance to simply get to the store can be a real challenge – let alone finding the things every family needs.

“Taking care of our residents starts with making sure we are taking care of our staff,” said Terri Pratt, Director of Social Services at St. Luke, and the organizer of the Staff Commissary initiative. “Our staff works hard and anything we can do to help them just makes sense; we are truly all in this together.”

While these are just a few of the things our Family of Caring affiliates are doing for our staff, we know that everyone on our healthcare campus benefits.