Trial Visit at The Cornerstone Club Gives Families a Chance to Preview the New Social Day Program for Older Adults

The Cornerstone Club social adult day program is quickly gaining a reputation among its members as a comfortable place to socialize and take part in activities with trained staff available to provide supervision, health and nutrition monitoring, and assistance with personal care needs.

To help decide if the social day service is right for them, the club offers interested older adults the opportunity to arrange to visit and spend the day, taking part in all the various social activities provided, enjoy a health meal, and meet and interact with staff.

Pictured is Cornerstone Club staff Michelle Petrie (left) and Nicole Greenier (right) as they welcome a perspective club member during a recent visit. 

Located in their newly renovated location at 808 West Broadway, Suite A (State Route 3) in Fulton, the Club offers a safe environment for a family caregiver who is seeking a convenient place to bring their loved one with structured and unstructured activities, and a flexible schedule that promotes social interaction, helping to enhance quality of life.

Those benefiting from the program may be experiencing limitations due to a functional impairment such as a stroke, or cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer's disease or other dementia-related illness.

“Our Club’s professional staff can provide personal care to members that includes hands-on assistance with mobility, eating, medication reminders and other activities of daily living. A nutritious lunch and snacks are provided each day,” noted Program Director Nicole Greenier.

“We have a growing group of club members who have found us to be a welcome alternative to sitting at home with little to no opportunity to socialize or take part in activities with others,” said Greenier. “Families are grateful that there is finally a safe place for their loved ones to come and spend a day, allowing them to get to work, or just have a respite from their caregiving responsibilities.”

Club members can arrive as early as 7:30 a.m. and stay until closing time at 5:30 p.m. weekdays. Attendance options are flexible; members will be able to attend the program based on their preferences, either in full-day or half-day increments. A nutritious lunch and snacks are provided every day as part of membership. Members can arrange for their own transportation or program staff can help arrange for transportation services as needed.

Club enrollments are being accepted and can be paid for privately, through Managed Long Term Care Plans, or other local programs. Rates are based on full or half-day visits. Those interested in arranging a personal tour and free preview day, or who has questions can contact Nicole Greenier, Program Director at 315-592-2001. A program application is available for download on the web at