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Representatives from Honor Flight Syracuse and the Veterans Administration join Roy and wife Wendy at the ceremony in his honor.

While circumstances caused a brief delay, Roy Perrone, United States Marine Corps and Vietnam War veteran, received the recognition and thanks he earned for serving his country. The recognition came in the form a special honor ceremony organized by the Veterans Administration, Honor Flight Syracuse and our community.

Scheduled to take part in Mission #018 of Honor Flight Syracuse, Perrone encountered an unexpected setback and was unable to complete a trip to Washington, DC to visit among other sites the Vietnam Memorial Wall and take part in reconviction ceremonies.     

Thanks to some dedicated individuals from the Veteran’s Administration and Honor Flight Syracuse, they brought the recognition ceremony to Roy and his family, in the form of a presentation at his home in Oswego which included a drive-by salute from members of both the Oswego Fire and Police Departments.

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USMC Veteran Roy Perrone and wife Wendy during the ceremony.

Perrone and wife Wendy were joined by representatives from the Veteran’s Administration and guests which included St. Luke Adult Day Health Care Program Director Debbie Hursh, where Perrone is a client. All were there to honor and thank Roy for his service and sacrifice and show that no matter the circumstances, he and his fellow veterans will not be forgotten.

Perrone, who found the ceremony moving and who hopes to have another chance to complete an Honor Flight Syracuse trip sometime in the future, was deeply appreciative of the special tribute paid to him, stating it was an honor to have served his country.