Study after study has shown the importance of staying connected socially as we grow older. In fact, in a recent study, older adults who lacked regular social engagement with their peers are more likely to suffer declines in mental and physical abilities and functioning. In short, we need regular contact with other people to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Socialization At The Cornerstone Club

That’s why our Cornerstone Club social day program in Fulton can be such a great resource here in our community. Not only is the club a comfortable place for members, we have a calendar of activities and dedicated staff to help keeps folks engaged, entertained and active. 

If you know someone who might be isolated and could benefit from regular social activities, we are here to help. Contact Program Director Nicole Greenier at 315-592-2001 for more information, or to arrange for a free day visit. Or visit The Cornerstone Club website. You will be glad you did.